The Aviator and The Elephant
Story by Kimberly Komatsu
Illustrations by Tanja Wooten

Womanthology: Heroic is a large-scale charitable comic book anthology created by over 150 female creators (both writers and artists) with stories that center on the theme of 'Heroic.'

"The Aviator and the Elephant is a beautiful story, so delicately told. It hit some sort of nerve for me, being about the loss of something so important. Kimberly Komatsu and Tanja Wooten stole my heart with this one. Perhaps because in many ways it is the flip side of many stories I love, like Charlie’s War or Sgt. Rock, about those who are left behind, and it’s a delightful tale delicately told. The artwork is a pastel effect perhaps, I am unsure of the media, but it loses none of its clarity, only adding colour, and the story is in itself dense, the artwork as much the teller as the words."

IGN Comics
"Not to be outdone, the writers shine in several places in this anthology as well, with stories like Kimberly Komatsu's emotionally involving tale leading the way."