by Shigeo Takayama

An inspiring story that deftly captures the resilience of the human spirit, My Life: Living in Two Cultures is the remarkable journey of successful entrepreneur and global philanthropist Shigeo Takayama.

ISBN 13: 9781881161202

Edited, designed, and published by Kimberly Komatsu

Daniel K. Inouye, United States Senator:
"Born in America to immigrant parents, Shigeo Takayama's story begins like many Japanese Americans, but soon embarks on a remarkably unique journey. From a childhood spent in the remaining days of a bygone Japan, to the diverse Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, to the battlefields of World War II, Shigeo Takayama's life has traversed a cultural divide with a spirited determination for living and learning. A compelling and deeply moving memoir, sometimes told with humor, but always with humanity, of one man's remarkable journey to find his destiny upon two lands."

Glen S. Fukushima, President and CEO, Airbus Japan:
"A successful businessman and philanthropist, Shigeo Takayama has led a remarkable life amid the tumultuous changes in the United States and Japan over the past 90 years. With firm roots in these two profoundly different countries and cultures, he has proven himself to be a true citizen of the world. Through his significant accomplishments in global industries and education, he has managed to combine and bring to life the best attributes of his two homelands. A truly inspiring story, this book sets a wonderful example to all who aim to succeed in international business, but who, more importantly, aspire to make a lasting contribution to society."

M.A.T. Caparas, Past Rotary International President:
"Shigeo Takayama is loved in my country, the Philippines, and abroad, for his incredible generosity which has touched and enriched the lives of hundreds of individuals. His admirable business sense and boundless energy in pursuit of his goals has brought him great success. But it is a success deeply humbled by life experiences and an enduring and infinite capacity for helping others. For years he has worked prodigiously with Rotary as well as many other charities around the world. But in the twenty-five years I have known him, I have come to admire him most for the care and love with which he and his wife have raised their beautiful family, and for the unwavering affection and dedication with which he has kindly and gently cared for his wife. More than a devoted humanitarian, he is a true friend."

From the Introduction by Shigeo Takayama:
"My life has never been a simple one. It has been filled with many twists and turns: The radical change in the relationship between Japan and America, the monumental war, my family duty, my friends and acquaintances on both sides of the ocean . . . Now I stand in the twilight of my life. Just as a dead leaf drops from its branch, I may be called by God at any time. It is time that I collect all the footprints on the path that I have walked these past eighty-eight years, and leave them in the form of writing."